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Welcome to the Wellness Hotel Goiserer Mühle!

Our Hotel

The hotel at the Kurpark on the Mühlbach stream. Views of the Ewige Wand cliffs and the Predigstuhl and Loser mountains. Crystal clear lakes, rivers and streams with drinking water quality and preserved natural surroundings.

Even a wealth of praise offered up in poems and songs, in plays and stories can’t begin to describe the beauty of this hotel and region—down-to-earth serenity and straightforwardness without any kitsch and fuss since 1551.

Our Philosophy

A complete and profound orientation, which is applied as a central theme throughout our entire hotel. These are its cornerstones:


I fundamentally forgo the use of industrially-produced resources in the kitchen.


It is very important to me, that I purchase our milk, cheese and dairy products from local producers. I am able to have perfectly fresh, delicious products while strengthening the native economy.


A significant innovation was the implementation of a heat pump alongside a wood chip heating system.

No Alternative

No use of any additives in our food! There is no alternative. Food should be allowed to taste natural.

To Be or Not To Be

In addition to a traditional Austrian breakfast, we also offer a complete vegan breakfast and vegetarian and vegan menus. We don’t want to force anyone to give up meat, but whoever chooses to be vegetarian is well served at our hotel. It’s a question of to be or not to be.


Not only do we bake our own small, vegan breads, but we also have baked goods delivered from the local Maislinger Bakery. This is vital for our small village community.


Jams, vegetables (sometimes from our own garden), sour, sweet and sour, spicy chutneys, fruits—pickled, preserved. Everything is homemade. This has been a tradition of mine since I’ve been a chef. Items are also available for purchase.

Strong Community

Local producers and local restaurants make up a strong community: meat from the farmers in the area, fish from the fishermen on the surrounding lakes and rivers and wild game from the hunters of the region.

Highly Effective

Steam is highly effective when dealing with impurities of any kind and better than caustic industrial cleaners. It functions entirely without chemicals and has been proven a thousand times over. A good feeling—especially for those with allergies.


We have permanently given up plastic rubbish bags and reduce our plastic waste wherever possible.


I am persistent in my quest to offer quality, seasonal, regional and fresh foods and have never betrayed this principle— even when trade representatives continually beckon with their finished and half-finished products.


I, along with the entire team at the Goiserer Mühle, constantly strive so that this philosophy and these directives can be successfully implemented. You as guest are also involved in this process.


<p>The steps toward complete implementation were at times quite <strong>drastic</strong> but necessary. If anyone has additional suggestions to make us even more sustainable, I welcome all input and ideas.</p>

I believe that these have been positive and important steps in the right direction. I am always open for additional ideas and suggestions.

Wilhelm Eberl